Cantata galaica

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Aldemaro Romero – Rental repertoire

Cantata galaica:

I-Romaxe de nosa senora da barda / II-Cantiga do neno da tenda / III-Canzon de cuna pra rosalia castro, morta / VI-Noiturno do adoescente morto / V-Madrigal a cibda de Santiago / VI-Danza la lua en santiago / Overtura

Note: The works for orchestra are available on hire prior notice of the following details: name and surname, company name, codice fiscale (only for residents in Italy) and/or VAT number (if any), address, performance date/s and venue, string requirements, names of interpreters.
The rental price is based per performance; the cost of delivery by courier and VAT(if due) is not included (see details).


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