About us

A. Pagani was founded in the early 90s, but its story begins 40 years ago when a young Aldo Pagani,musician and composer, begins a world tour with the band of Renato Carosone. Travelling the world, Aldo lives music and knows artists of international renown, falling in love with South American rhythms that later conquered the whole world. For Aldo playing isn’t enough any more: he wants to produce and become editor to spread in Italy before, and after throughout Europe, the music heard and loved during the tour and to support our local scene. that between 1957 and 1963, publishes and distributes, among others, Jimmy Fontana, Osseni Nile and the great orchestra of the king of tango Aldo Maietti. Around this time Aldo discovers Angela’s talent, singer, lyricist and Italian actress, who together with Mina and Babette is among the first Italian rock singers. The 60s ends with the birth of FP4, label dedicated to reggae of the Slickers and Stanley Moore, and Angela became an international star thanks to countless television appearances alongside masters like Mike Bongiorno and the Italian tour of the Beatles, for which she , for which she is the opening act singer. The next decade it’s the time of Eleven music: from 1975 since 1985 Pagani works hard producing great names of the Italian discography, from Mino Reitano to Augusto Martelli, and begins to work with Astor Piazzolla and Aldermaro Romero. From this moment on Piazzolla and Romero became Pagani’s main artists and closer friends. The results are immediate and of international importance: thanks to Pagani’s relentless work, Piazzolla is finally recognized as the undisputed king of tango, able to innovate a traditional and typical Argentinian kind, with its flair and its modernity, and make him loved by the whole world. The word innovation is common to Romero too. The venezuelan Master has the ability to invent a new genre, called “Onda Nueva”, which, starting from South America invades the entire planet, becaming the main theme of the Music Festival of Caracas for which Pagani is the artistic director. Countless artists who go on stage in Caracas: Tito Puente, Lalo Shiffrin, Quincy Jones and many others. The work continues with a new label: Paganmusic, which consolidates the publishing relationship with Piazzolla, thanks to collaborations with Milva and Gerry Mulligan. Among other publications, “Feelings” by Morris Albert and “Charlie Brown” by Benito Paula. Paganmusic opens the doors to A. Pagani Music Publishing, founded in the early 90s with his son Alain, whopass the baton. The work continues with the birth of the “Piazzolla Music Award ”, an important international award dedicated to the great Argentine composer. The first edition is born in 1993 in the beautiful city of Castelfidardo and continues in the years around Italy, gradually becoming an unmissable landmark for musicians, artists, soloists and admirers of theworks of the Master. Currently, the A. Pagani continues its publishing activities, managing and disseminating the important catalog collected from the 60s to the present day, consisting of thousands of works of classical genre, latin, song writing, pop and rock and in which stand the productions of Astor Piazzolla and Aldemaro Romero. The company is also engaged in the production of events, videos and in business management.